Thanks for the great BVM Sunday!

Brussels Vintage Market was definitely THE place to be yesterday! With even more space than in the previous location at K-nal and with its fantastic decor, Halles Saint-Géry offered a great setting for all the cool vintage, creators' and food stands. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!


Thanks to Joëlle the photographer!


BVM next Sunday

Brussels Vintage Market will be organised for the second time at Halles Saint Géry next Sunday 2nd September from 12 to 7pm.

Take your friends with you, have a drink / a brunch / a coffee and a cupcake, check out the great selection of vintage and retro clothes and items and handmade jewellery, and just enjoy the atmosphere! See you there on Sunday!


icebubble design introduced on the front page of the Finnish handicraft website Taitomaa!

Read more (in Finnish...) here!


tutorial: electric wire ring

What to do with old electric wire? Make a ring!

1 You need: about 40cm of old electric wire, wire cutters (sharp ended scissors would probably do, too), pliers, a round object of approximately as thick as your finger (e.g. a marker).

2  Fold one end of the wire into a little hook.

3 Roll the wire around the round object three times.

4 Slide the ring off the round object and start rolling the free end of the wire around the ring. Before rolling too many times test the size of the ring, and adjust if necessary. (It'll be impossible later!) Take into consideration that the wrap will take some space and make the ring a little bit smaller, so leave it rather slightly bigger than the exact size of your finger. [TIP: If you want to have a "diamond ring", slide some pearls or beads to the wire every second round when rolling it and place them on top of the ring.]

5 Continue rolling. Pull the wire quite tight around the ring, so that the hook will stay solidly under the wrap.

6 Go on until the the hook is covered by wire loops. Leave the two last loops a little bit loose.

7 Slide the end of the wire under the two last loops.

8 Pull (with the pliers if needed) to tighten the last two loops.

9 Cut the excess of the wire off. Tuck in the end of the wire as much as possible, and push the loops closer together if they have been separated.

10 Your upcycled electric wire ring is ready!



I finally got a new printer, and it opens endless opportunities! I made today my first trials on customised découpage earrings based on self-printed images. On the left my grandmother, on the right my great-grandmother:

Just send me your photos by email, and I'll make a unique pair for you. Your parents, grand-parents, children, pets, house, boat, favourite landscape... A nice gift idea, too! Different shapes and sizes according to your wishes. Available on Etsy (English), ALM (français) and Taitomaa (suomeksi).


brussels vintage market

icebubble will be again, after a little break, on Brussels Vintage Market this Sunday 3rd June from 12 till 19pm at K-nal. There will be vintage and second hand market, handmade jewellery and other creations, delicious bio food, music... (And in case it rains, no worries, it's indoors.)

It'll be fun! Join me there on Sunday and bring your friends, too!


summer clothes

Even if it's not particularly sunny or summery in Brussels, icebubble is still trying to keep up the spirit. Here a couple of new light cotton jersey t-shirts I've made. This model is super simple to make, and could also easily be made out of recycled fabrics, like old t-shirts. This time I chose rather neutral colours - would you like to have a more colourful one?


green, green, green!

Brussels in April-May 2012: rain, clouds, grey, dark. 

Fortunately icebubble's "atelier" got a fresh spring green look with new curtains and sofa pillows. And those giant piles, heaps and stacks of fabrics, materials for jewellery, and random to-be-recycled stuff was neatly arranged in these drawers. Oh, happiness!

If your room needs a makeover, too, here is one super organiser/sewer/handywoman ready to help.


crochet earrings are back!

While I had a little spring flu I couldn't do much but to snuggle up in the corner of the sofa, watch cartoons, and sip my ginger tea. And to crochet some earrings.

So I came up with this concept: Three models, nine colours, choose the combination you prefer! All available in Taitomaa (FI), A Little Market (FR) and Etsy (EN).


hub sunday store

Hub Sunday Store is a new monthly market held at the Hub Brussels, not far from metro Louise and Porte de Namur. Vintage & hand made clothes, furniture, accessories, vinyl and not forgetting organic food & drinks...

Join me there this Sunday afternoon 15th of April, 11am - 6pm!


The sun is here! Time for gardening!

To celebrate the spring, I gave myself the permission to take out some polymer clay (just a little bit!), and here the result: a set of mini fruit and vegetable earrings. And when you start making these cute little things, you just can't stop. So probably more coming soon...:)

Psst! You'll find them in the online shops little market and taitomaa. Or just drop me an email (icebubbledesign[a]gmail.com) to assemble your customised fruit or vegetable basket.



I'm someone who always wears a scarf. I love scarves, I need them.

Now that summer is approaching, we scarf lovers are facing once again the big question: Why (oh why!) isn't there a need for a piece of accessory to keep our neck warm in summer?

But fortunately I've found a solution: it's a COLLIECHARPE! In other words a combination of a necklace (collier) and a scarf (écharpe). All the best features of both of them in one ;)

This one is made out of some leftover pieces of cotton jersey, and random beads I found in my drawers.


vintage market & plastic feathers

icebubble will be in the Brussels Vintage Market again on Sunday 4th March. Come to have a brunch and to check out the new jewellery with plastic bottle feathers!


vintage market atmosphere

icebubble's first Vintage Market was a great experience; good music, brunch (that I didn't unfortunately have time to taste but that was apparently delicious), cupcakes (recommended!), loooots of nice people, and super atmosphere in general.

Especially at the end of the afternoon the idea of recycled jewellery raised a good amount of interest, thanks to my great sales manager and some priceless presentation tips :)

And icebubble's new braided drink carton jewellery even got to Mademoiz'ELLE.

Thanks to those who helped me at the market, and to everyone who visited my stand! See you in Vintage Market in March again!


brussels vintage market!

icebubble will be at the Brussels Vintage Market this Sunday 5th February from 12am to 7pm at K-nal (metro Yser). See you there! 
 Free Entrance
Vintage & Second hand for Boys & Girls
Young Creators
Brunch & Bar at Restaurant Midi


drink carton and plastic bottle jewellery

Recycling your empty juice and milk cartons and plastic bottles is good. Drinking tap water, and not buying any bottles or cartons whatsoever would be better. Buying some, and turning them into jewellery is a good compromise! Check out icebubble's new drink carton and plastic bottle jewellery in the gallery and on icebubble's Facebook page.