time for xmas gifts

Winter, winter! I've plunged into little gifts, cards, and all that xmassy stuff. Tiptoe to my gallery to see.


icebubble available in online shops

icebubble is now available on two handicraft online shops:

A French one:
-> check out icebubble's little market boutique

And a Finnish one:

It couldn't be much easier to do your christmas present shopping, could it? :)


icebubble goes retro

Ah, those good old times!

A marketplace full of old books, magazines and records surprised me happily: I found a pile of fantastic old women's magazines from 60s. What a treasure! A bunch of cool advertisements, announcements and romantic detective cartoons that I of course transformed into these retro/vintage style postcards and fridge magnets.


wet felting since a long while

I don't know if it's the autumn or what, but today I felt *hih* an irresistible need to get my hands (and my kitchen "atelier") all wet, soapy and smelling like sheepyard. As a result, a little selection of wet felted jewellery. Check the rest of them in the gallery! More coming soon :)


decoupage fridge magnets!

I loooove earrings. Earrings, earrings, earrings! Yep, my gallery is full of them. To balance that, even just a little, I've started a collection of fridge magnets. Check in the gallery if you find a magnet with a message that fits your mood!


new felt earrings and brooches

After paper and yarn, I've extended my selection into felt. A few pieces of jewellery are already done, and more on the way. Go and check them in icebubble gallery, and tell me what kind of patterns, pictures and shapes you would like to have!


a new lot of decoupage earrings

A whole bunch of new decoupage earrings is now ready. Check them out here! What do you think about them?


wooden bead jewellery

You can find interesting items, like some old prayer beads, when wandering about in the flea market. Painted with different colours they make quite nice little jewellery, don't they?

There are other colours made already, too. Just click to the icebubble design gallery to check them out. And if among those ones you can't find your favourite colours, I'll surely paint some more for you!


decoupage jewellery

One day I was digging my paper recycling bin, when I suddenly got enlighted; why not transforming some coasters and an old newspaper into cool recycled decoupage jewellery! (Why hadn't I found this obvious idea earlier!)

See the other models I've put together so far in the icebubble design gallery, and if you have an idea or topic (or even a newspaper clip or an old photo) that you would like to see turned into this type of jewellery, just contact me by email!

crochet berry hair bobbles and earrings

Cute like little berries, I almost feel like eating them!

Check out all the crochet berry hair bobbles and crochet berry earrings here in the icebubble design gallery.

crochet earrings

During my holidays (insprired by the calm and refreshing Finnish nature) I came up with the idea to crochet some light and airy little earrings, like this:

These earrings are made from thin cotton yarn, and starched with corn or sugar starch, so they are pure, clean and natural (not guaranteed 100% waterproof, though :). See all the models and colours that I've made so far in icebubble design gallery. If you wish you have a special custom made shape or colour, just drop me an email!