drink carton and plastic bottle jewellery

Recycling your empty juice and milk cartons and plastic bottles is good. Drinking tap water, and not buying any bottles or cartons whatsoever would be better. Buying some, and turning them into jewellery is a good compromise! Check out icebubble's new drink carton and plastic bottle jewellery in the gallery and on icebubble's Facebook page.

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  2. Oh, a new try:
    icebubble jewellery introduced in Recyclart: http://www.recyclart.org/2012/01/icebubble-jewels/

  3. The you turn out drink cartoon or plastic bottle into such pureful pieces of jewelry is absolutely fantastic. You said that you have to recycle our empty milk or juice cartoons, but what to do if i have no idea how to do it?!
    Are you able to add a step by step video on ho to do it? Thanks a lot in advance!
    Myroona@gold jewellery