tutorial: electric wire ring

What to do with old electric wire? Make a ring!

1 You need: about 40cm of old electric wire, wire cutters (sharp ended scissors would probably do, too), pliers, a round object of approximately as thick as your finger (e.g. a marker).

2  Fold one end of the wire into a little hook.

3 Roll the wire around the round object three times.

4 Slide the ring off the round object and start rolling the free end of the wire around the ring. Before rolling too many times test the size of the ring, and adjust if necessary. (It'll be impossible later!) Take into consideration that the wrap will take some space and make the ring a little bit smaller, so leave it rather slightly bigger than the exact size of your finger. [TIP: If you want to have a "diamond ring", slide some pearls or beads to the wire every second round when rolling it and place them on top of the ring.]

5 Continue rolling. Pull the wire quite tight around the ring, so that the hook will stay solidly under the wrap.

6 Go on until the the hook is covered by wire loops. Leave the two last loops a little bit loose.

7 Slide the end of the wire under the two last loops.

8 Pull (with the pliers if needed) to tighten the last two loops.

9 Cut the excess of the wire off. Tuck in the end of the wire as much as possible, and push the loops closer together if they have been separated.

10 Your upcycled electric wire ring is ready!

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